Welcome to our cattery, Cosy Cats Wirral, based in Bidston.

Cosy Cats Wirral is set in a tranquil, spacious and secure garden situated on Bidston Hill next to 100 acres of woodland, offering cats pleasant surroundings in a home from home environment. Our location also provides you with a convenient drop off and collection point near to where you live.

Each dwelling has its own heated chalet and play area. Family facilities are available for up to four cats sharing. With cats able to view their surroundings from the cattery they will be stimulated by the colourful flower beds and the frequent wildlife visitors to the garden including birds and squirrels.

We know how clean and meticulous your cat likes to be so we ensure the cattery maintains these same standards. We provide food, bedding, toys and treats.

The owners live in the accompanying house with their dogs Edie, Rafa & Breeze so you can therefore be sure that there will be a presence at the cattery even through the night.

We also tend to send regular holiday snaps of your cat via whatsapp, messenger or email so you can see how your cat is settling in.


To help us maintain our high standards and ensure as much time is spent with our residents as possible, please note our revised opening hours for drop offs and collections are 09:30 to 11:30 and 17:00 to 19:00 weekdays and only 09:30 to 11:30 weekends and bank holidays. Thanks for your understanding.


Unfortunately, due to the escalating cost of energy, food, litter, scratch poles & bedding prices will be rising from 1st Jan 2024. Revised prices will be £12 per day for single cats, £18 for 2 cats sharing the same chalet, £21 for 3 cats sharing and £24 for 4 cats sharing.