About Us

Cosy Cats Wirral is owned and operated by Karen Orange with assistance from her husband Vin. As longstanding pet owners you can rely on us to care for your cat while you are away. We will treat them as if they are our own family. Karen is qualified in Cattery Management and Feline Behaviour & Psychology and is also degree qualified. With 20 years of experience caring for pets, you can be assured that hygiene and health matters will always take priority at Cosy Cats. Our cattery is built to Feline Advisory Bureau standards and is registered with the local council.

We endeavour to offer you a fantastic service to ensure your cat enjoys their stay with us. We welcome any comments you may have to improve our business and we trust that having experienced the quality, friendly service provided at Cosy Cats that you will be delighted to recommend our service to others.


Our Cattery consists of 11 single units, 3 double units taking two cats. and 1 triple unit taking 3 up to 3 cats. Sharing of units is only for cats of the same household

Units are cleaned each morning then regularly checked throughout the day.

Adequate litter trays are supplied, with soiled trays regularly attended to.

Each chalet includes is made up of a penthouse sleeping area with a basket,  blanket and a thermostatically controlled panel heater, a large exercise area below with ladder access between the two areas to ensure your cat has a warm and comfortable stay. To soothe your cat during their stay it’s a great idea for them to have a blanket with their home scent on too so please feel free to bring one along.

Collection and drop offs are available seven days a week from 0930 to 1130 and 1700 to 1900 (Mon-Fri) and 0930 to 1130 (Sat-Sun and Bank Holidays). To ensure residents get the care that they need, please endeavor to stick to these times for drop off / collection. Also, please let us know your expected arrival / collection times so we can make sure there are no queues! Alternative times may be accommodated outside these hours by arrangement.

If you would like to view our Cattery please book an appointment prior to arrival.


All cats entering the cattery must have up to date vaccinations against Upper Respiratory Infections (cat flu) and enteritis (the two basic vaccines required). All cats must be vaccinated annually with boosters all up to date.

Overdue boosters (more than three months overdue) requires the cat to be started again with the two part vaccination (three weeks apart), then allowing a week before the cat is eligible to board – making a total period of four weeks from the first part vaccination to when the cat is safe to board.

To avoid potential problems when arriving for boarding, if you are unsure at all of your cats vaccinations please telephone the cattery prior to boarding to check if your vaccinations are covered, as we cannot accept cats that are not fully vaccinated.


All accessories from vacated units are removed, washed and disinfected, with the unit thoroughly washed and disinfected throughout before it is re-occupied.

Each unit is has a daily chart to monitor the litter tray use, feeding, medications and any other health related issues (if any). This enables us to follow the occupants daily well-being and will help us understand if anything needs addressing.

Should a cat become ill or require the vets, Cosy Cats endeavours to use the owners regular vets (depending on distance) or our local vet, Upton Veterinary Centre. If veterinary charges are to be applied, we will contact the owner, request authorisation and these will be charged to the owner. Cosy Cats also reserve the right to refuse boarding for an obviously ill cat.

Both male and female cats over the age of 6 months must be neutered/spayed.

What to bring

Cats In Strong Secure Carriers

Up to date vaccination cards (see health vaccination requirements)

Medications (if any)

Prescription & Special Diets (please check with us for what food we stock)

Optional Items:

Small blanket or something similar from home to put in bed to initially help cats settle

Favourite toy or two (Cosy Cats also provides)

Own Grooming Items (Cosy cats also provides)


Our recommended local vet is Wirral Vets Upton, 86 Ford Road, Upton CH49 0TG. In the unlikely event of an emergency vet being required or your cat requires de-fleeing or worming this will be added to your account. To learn more about our recommended vets click the links below.

Wirral Vets Upton has been providing quality Veterinary care in Upton for over 50 years. They have a team of dedicated and highly trained Veterinarians and Veterinary nurses to offer both preventative and curative health care to your pets.

Chestergate’s Veterinary Specialists is a leading specialist-led, multi-disciplinary veterinary referral hospital situated just north of Chester. They have a team of RCVS and European Recognised Specialists in a range of disciplines

Fees & Online Booking

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